Hashtag Kalakar Music & Singing Competition (Amravati)

Do More Than Just Exist

Call for all the singers in the country to showcase your singing skills and let the world be lost in your melodies.

#Kalakar is Organizing First-Ever Music & Singing Competition to encourage singers and recognize their talents. Very exciting prizes are on the way. So just get your mic on and be ready to showcase your talent.

Registration of only First 100 participant will be accepted.

Register For Music and Singing Competition

1st Prize – Rs.8,000/-
2nd Prize – Rs.6,000/-
5 Consolation Prizes will be given of Rs.1000/- each

Solo Singing
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Registration of only First 100 participant will be accepted.
Last Date Of Online Auditions Dates – 15th of December 2021.

Registration of only First 100 participant will be accepted. 

Auditions Dates (Last date of submitting online video)
15th December 2021.

Competitions Final Result
Dates will be sent to registered singers.

All Indian Languages and English

Style and Type of Music
Singers can sing in any musical style

Time Limit
Minimum Time Limit – 1 minute and 20 seconds
Maximum Limit – 8 minutes

Selection Rounds

Round 1: Best 100 singers will be selected from all the registered singers. (this selection will be done by judges)
Round 2:
 Best 20 singers will be selected.
Round 3:
 Winners Selection.

Perks of the Competition

  1. First Prize will receive Rs.8,000/-.
  2. Second Prize will receive Rs.6,000/-.
  3. 5 Consolation Prizes of Rs.1000/- each.
  4. Participating Certificate will be given.

Competition Rules

  1. This is a solo singing competition.
  2. Maximum age limit to participate is 50 years.
  3. There is no language barriers, singer can sing in any Indian or English language.
  4. Singers can sing their own written songs or any other song (i.e., cinema, albums, concerts).
  5. In every round participants will have to sing a new song.
  6. Votes received by the singer after voting time will not be considered.
  7. If the singer is found misbehaving or violating any of the rules will be disqualified immediately.
  8. Organizers can change the rules of the competition.

For any query feel free to write to us on hashtagkalakar@gmail.com

Hashtag Kalakar